Posted on Apr. 7, 2007
By Bill Christison
Joplin Independent

Opposition to SB 364 is Still Strong

To the editor:

The CAFO Bill is NO COMPROMISE! The so-called compromise on Senate Bill 364 reached between industrial livestock supporters (i.e. the Missouri Farm Bureau) and a six-member CAFO task force of the Missouri Association of Counties does nothing to address the concerns voiced by thousands of farmers and property owners in opposition to Senate Bill 364. The fierce opposition to this bill was due to its anti-local control and anti-property rights agenda. No matter how they spin this supposed compromise, the fact remains?this bill still takes away local control and property rights of the majority of family farmers and rural landowners. The new Senate Bill 364 still: Very simply, this bill protects the rights of corporate agri-business at the expense of the vast majority of independent family farmers and rural citizens and should be voted down. Please call your Senators and Representatives today and tell them to vote NO!

Bill Christison Livestock and grain farmer from Livingston County President of the Missouri Rural Crisis Center

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