Chairman, Susan Brown

Vice-Chair, Byron Combs

Secretary, Antonio Cutolo-Ring

Treasurer, Debbie Woehrman

Director, Jackie Stevens

Director, Barbara Diment

Director, Debi Asher

Director, Alex Asher

Director, Hannah Looney

Honorary Director, Jean Deal

Mailing address: Website:
P. O. Box 72 www.ccpcmo.org
Camden Point, MO 64018 ConcernedCitizens@ccpcmo.org

CCPC is a group concerned about quality of life, children's health and property values in Platte County. The organization was incorporated in the early 90's and worked to successfully create one of the first County Health Ordinances to regulate factory animal farms. Local county control and Health Ordinances have been threatened recently by legislative proposals with corporate agri-business backing. We have worked with other groups like Missouri Rural Crisis Center to successfully defeat this legislation.

Our other focus has been a proposal by Kansas City Power and Light to build two large coal-burning power plants - one in Platte County at Iatan and a twin just across the river in Kansas. Along with many other groups and individuals we worked to educate the public about our concerns. The company responded by reducing the number of plants to 1, early pollution clean-up of two of their dirtiest existing plants, and added wind and energy efficiency to their portfolio.

CCPC and Sierra Club filed an appeal against the Public Service Commission's decision to allow KCPL to increase customer rates(exempting shareholders from the risk) by 20% to pay for the plant. After we won that appeal, we came to a landmark agreement with KCP&L. In return for dismissal of all legal action so the Iatan project can move forward KCP&L agreed to make major pollution reductions at 2 existing power plants, offset 100% of the global warming gas emissions from the new Iatan plant with wind and energy efficiency, institute a net-metering program for their customers, collaborate on energy efficiency legislation in Missouri and Kansas, and work together toward a goal of reducing KCP&L's carbon emissions by 20% from 2006 levels by 2020. In addition, the company agreed to a number of local community investments.

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